Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby blessing with my Family in town!!

So all most the whole fam came in town to CELEBRATE
the Blessing of Bennett. It was so GREAT!
The house was full and we had a lot of fun together!
The trip started off with this...(above) defrosting the wretched outside
freezer. Umm lets just say that I dont ever want to have to do that again.
I guess I should also say that I owe all the hard work to my
brother Greg and mom. I was there assistant in getting the boiling water
and bringing it to them!!

After that was finished it was play time...
My brother in law Jamey's only request was that we hit up
Val Vista Lakes! He loves that place and I can't argue especially on
a 95 degree day!! It was fabulous lounging in the sun!

I need to snap some better pictures of this guy.
He is so stinkin cute and such a good baby.
My little man has been sleeping through the
night for the last all most 3 weeks, pretty sure this little
miracle has happened cause he found his thumb.
Another monster that I will deal with later...RIGHT?

Kate and Michelle matching!

Bennett passed out.

Our FAVORITE...Oregenos!!

Oh how we love the beach pool at Val Vista lakes!

No we did not plan to wear stripes..

Ended their little vacation with some Kayaking around the lake!

And these are all out of order!


Auburn said...

Love it! That last pic of your little fam is precious! That Val Vista lakes pool looks amazing!

Jen and Buzz said...

What a fun weekend with the fam. Oh and lil Bennett is such a handsome little man. So glad your fam was able to come for the blessing. Miss you!

Jame and Michelle said...

It was such a fun weekend we were so sad to come home early. I'm going to tell Dingman to forget it next time. We can't wait for you guys to come in June.

Stephanie said...

So fun! Love your fam and wish I was there!

Tyler and Dru said...

miss you guys! i love that your family came out for the blessing. we're making maddie fly home to bless her baby so we can all be apart of it. please call us when you guys are in town next, kay?!!?!?!? love ya!

Heather & Josh Young said...

Tell me more about this Val Vista Lakes place! What a special weekend for you & your family! We have been CRAVING Oreganos pizza...Miss you all! Xo.

Andersons said...


I love you and your family. I wished we were closer. Everytime I look at your blog a part of me wishes we lived in fabulous sunny AZ. When are you coming to UT, or better question would be when are we coming to play in AZ? Love you!