Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love these kids!

Kate and Crew spend half their life out on this fence with Lincoln, Lez and Q! I love that we have great neighbors! Today they had a tea party with peanut butter balls, popcorn and water! I had to take a picture!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bennett turns 1

Seriously....the last year of our life got a WHOLE lot
better because of this little over grown man!!
He is a dreamboat to say the least and we are so
in LOVE with him!!
Bennett has the funnest personality and
constantly is making us laugh out loud.
He says ha ha for HI and anytime anyone says
"lets go, bye, or nigh nigh" he is instantly waving. He loves to explore the
backyard and suck on rocks. He loves to push anything and everything
and if the item gets stuck or runs into a wall
he screams for help! Bennie has a hearty appetite. His favorite
things to eat are Sweet potatoes, squash, PB&J, bananas and cheerios
to just name a few! He loves attention from anyone but
is starting to recognize when MOM and DAD leave the room.
He could sit in the playroom for hours and just putt around.
As of the past 2 weeks he has made a lot of progress with walking! He has become daring and will take 5 steps and then biff it. He will walk from ottoman to couch
and thinks he is really cool and has to clap! He LOVES his DADDY and
lights up whenever he comes home from work. He loves when
Steve wrestles with him and rolls him around...he just giggles non stop
and its precious! I love that he adores Kate and Crew to death. He
loves to play with them and they also can make him laugh so hard.

We LOVE you Bennett Smith! We are so grateful to have your sweet spirit in our home!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Escape the HEAT!

Bennett and I were lucky enough to be able to
escape the heat for 4 days!
Of course we went to UTAH and
the weather did not disappoint! it was such a fun trip to
hang out with family and friends. The last
night I was there Laura and I threw a shower for Jen
and it was a fantastic party!
Lots of fun friends came. Thanks to the Hubster, and
Mother in law, Carolyn for
allowing this and watching
the other 2 while I was away!
Jamey was a little obsessed with Bennett!

Forest, Rowan and I. Rowan just bought himself a uni-cycle!
He was so good at it!

Cute Em just cut bangs!

Lacey, Karen and Laura

Michelle with the handsome little dude!

Jamie and I
Jen has 3 boys and she is having a GIRL!!
Yeah for Lizzie's arrival!

6 years and counting!!

Happy Anniversary to us!! What a fabulous year we
have had together! I am so LUCKY to be married to this MAN!

Love these BOYS

For real I am in LOVE with these two little
men! Crew is so sweet with Bennett and
Bennett just eats up all the attention!!

Pre K

Here is Kate headed to Miss Lisa's!
She Loves School and Miss Lisa!

Coronado 2011

Ohhh how we LOVE the beach!! This trip was planned in January. Our friends the Young's invited us and we couldn't wait! Went to the beach everyday and the kids were in PURE heaven! It was such a fun trip with GREAT company! Thanks again Josh and Heather!

This is just a few of the pictures!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Grateful....

I must say that this summer I have
been so grateful that these two
have each other! Kate and Crew play non stop together.
They LOVE each other and with so much time,
attention and energy put
towards little
BENNETT, it sure has been GREAT!

They spend 1/2 there days playing Mom and Dad!
(w/ their babies!)

This Friday night after Steve and I got home from
the must needed every weekend DATE night
I came up to check on all the little monkeys and found these 2 together!
Note...Crew's hand in between Kate's legs and Kate arm around him!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Utah once again...

15 days later i am back to the blow torch!!
It is so HOT here and i miss spending my days outside!
The kids had such a blast with all their cousins.
It's sad to not be close to home.
I so wish i would have taken more pictures but oh well!
Here are a few pics of the trip....

Kate is obsessed with her cousin Rowan! It was so cute!
Rowan could not get enough of Bennett. He always wanted to hold him!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

BENNETT update

Just two cute pictures of our little Bennie boy!
He is growing so fast and is getting chubbier
and more delicious by the second! He is still such a good baby
and I don't know how we got so lucky!!

CREW turns 3!!

It really little man/boyfriend turned 3!!!!
Crew is the funnest little boy to have around!! He makes all of us happy!
Crew spent the day with KATE doing his favorite things!
It started with the bounce house
water slide, then to the floor to watch the Bernstein Bears with popcorn,
then dad came home and we ate pizza and CREWs delicious BATMAN
carrot cake!! YUMMMM. Fun day with the kiddos!

Kate's pre school Graduation...round one!!

Yes round one means we will be doing it again next year!!!
Kate absolutely adored Miss Heather!! She was so great!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby blessing with my Family in town!!

So all most the whole fam came in town to CELEBRATE
the Blessing of Bennett. It was so GREAT!
The house was full and we had a lot of fun together!
The trip started off with this...(above) defrosting the wretched outside
freezer. Umm lets just say that I dont ever want to have to do that again.
I guess I should also say that I owe all the hard work to my
brother Greg and mom. I was there assistant in getting the boiling water
and bringing it to them!!

After that was finished it was play time...
My brother in law Jamey's only request was that we hit up
Val Vista Lakes! He loves that place and I can't argue especially on
a 95 degree day!! It was fabulous lounging in the sun!

I need to snap some better pictures of this guy.
He is so stinkin cute and such a good baby.
My little man has been sleeping through the
night for the last all most 3 weeks, pretty sure this little
miracle has happened cause he found his thumb.
Another monster that I will deal with later...RIGHT?

Kate and Michelle matching!

Bennett passed out.

Our FAVORITE...Oregenos!!

Oh how we love the beach pool at Val Vista lakes!

No we did not plan to wear stripes..

Ended their little vacation with some Kayaking around the lake!

And these are all out of order!