Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Grateful....

I must say that this summer I have
been so grateful that these two
have each other! Kate and Crew play non stop together.
They LOVE each other and with so much time,
attention and energy put
towards little
BENNETT, it sure has been GREAT!

They spend 1/2 there days playing Mom and Dad!
(w/ their babies!)

This Friday night after Steve and I got home from
the must needed every weekend DATE night
I came up to check on all the little monkeys and found these 2 together!
Note...Crew's hand in between Kate's legs and Kate arm around him!


Auburn said...

That bed picture is to.die.for. seriously. so cute. love it. loved Crew's bum hanging out tonight too. seriously.

Jame and Michelle said...

The hand between Kate's legs was the first thing I noticed about the adorable picture!! How cute is Crew in his new briefs. Im obsessed.

Tyler and Dru said...

that is so sweet! i bet there is nothing more rewarding for a parent than seeing your kids get along and love each other. love this! when are you coming back to utah? let's hangout please!!

Anonymous said...

he is no use to you in bed let me join you I will make your pussy buzz