Sunday, September 18, 2011

Escape the HEAT!

Bennett and I were lucky enough to be able to
escape the heat for 4 days!
Of course we went to UTAH and
the weather did not disappoint! it was such a fun trip to
hang out with family and friends. The last
night I was there Laura and I threw a shower for Jen
and it was a fantastic party!
Lots of fun friends came. Thanks to the Hubster, and
Mother in law, Carolyn for
allowing this and watching
the other 2 while I was away!
Jamey was a little obsessed with Bennett!

Forest, Rowan and I. Rowan just bought himself a uni-cycle!
He was so good at it!

Cute Em just cut bangs!

Lacey, Karen and Laura

Michelle with the handsome little dude!

Jamie and I
Jen has 3 boys and she is having a GIRL!!
Yeah for Lizzie's arrival!


Nick and Melanie Munns said...

I love all the new pictures and posts. It was a fun weekend!

Jame and Michelle said...

How great!! I wish you could have stayed longer. I love the new fall background.

Miche said...

OH my gosh it's been too long that I've checked up on you! :) It is so fun to see you with friends and I am so excited Jenny is having a girl!! :) So fun. You're kids are so dang cute by the way. Love the updates.

Staci said...

So fun Marianne!!

I just remembered how bummed I am that we're not partners :(

Jen and Buzz said...

Mar what a treat it was to see you, and Thanks again for such a fun shower. I am dying to see your Halloween Party Pictures so get updating:)