Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bennett turns 1

Seriously....the last year of our life got a WHOLE lot
better because of this little over grown man!!
He is a dreamboat to say the least and we are so
in LOVE with him!!
Bennett has the funnest personality and
constantly is making us laugh out loud.
He says ha ha for HI and anytime anyone says
"lets go, bye, or nigh nigh" he is instantly waving. He loves to explore the
backyard and suck on rocks. He loves to push anything and everything
and if the item gets stuck or runs into a wall
he screams for help! Bennie has a hearty appetite. His favorite
things to eat are Sweet potatoes, squash, PB&J, bananas and cheerios
to just name a few! He loves attention from anyone but
is starting to recognize when MOM and DAD leave the room.
He could sit in the playroom for hours and just putt around.
As of the past 2 weeks he has made a lot of progress with walking! He has become daring and will take 5 steps and then biff it. He will walk from ottoman to couch
and thinks he is really cool and has to clap! He LOVES his DADDY and
lights up whenever he comes home from work. He loves when
Steve wrestles with him and rolls him around...he just giggles non stop
and its precious! I love that he adores Kate and Crew to death. He
loves to play with them and they also can make him laugh so hard.

We LOVE you Bennett Smith! We are so grateful to have your sweet spirit in our home!


patti said...

Oh my what a little stud!! Your kids are beyond beautiful! Maybe someday I"ll be able to see them in person :)

Kelsey said...

Oh my stinking heck. I miss everyone so much!! Tell Bennie happy birthday for us!!! We love him!!!! There is a picture that we have shown some of our students of Joe and I and Bennett and they all think he's our baby. They have a hard time with the word Nephew! haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNETT!!!!!!!!

Tyler and Dru said...

He is SO luscious! I can't believe he is already one. Where does the time go? So happy for you.....you have the cutest kids in the world. Miss you guys!

Jame and Michelle said...

So glad you finally updated! I love it. I already miss Bennett ALOT! Happy birthday little man!